Trailer: The Purge


The Purge takes place in some kind of future where the government makes all sorts of crime legal for one night (12 hours) a year. This “purge” apparently makes America better by reducing crime rates and unemployment somehow. Ethan Hawke stars as a father fighting to protect his family from a gang of people who are chasing after a Black man. Look the premise is neat, but doesn’t make all that much sense. I hope the film explains how exactly this improves society instead of making us just accept it as is. And the masks? Is it for a joke or ritual? Because if crime is legal, then why the need to hide their identities? Whatever. All least it’s different. Then again, those masks and home invasion plot look awfully familiar. 

Below in the gallery are a collection of images in which folks stare at things intensely. Interesting stuff. The Purge releases May 31st. Maybe one of you can explain this to me. 

[via YouTube]