Trailer: The Raid: Redemption


The Raid looks like absolute action delirium. I can’t wait to check it out, especially after the high praise Allistair had for the movie and the two red band action clips we ran not too long ago. Whetting everyone’s appetite for the stateside release on March 23rd, Sony’s released an official U.S. trailer for The Raid: Redemption.

Hmmm… sprouted a subtitle, huh? These acclaimed martial arts movies grow up so fast.

Though the “Redemption” part seems a tad unnecessary, Sony may be gearing up for the forthcoming Raid sequels. During Sundance, director Gareth Evans said he’d like to make a Raid trilogy, and is currently doing pre-production on the first sequel with the working title Berandal.

If you were retitling the movie, what subtitle would you choose? I mean, yeah, the obvious answers are “The Face Punchening” or “The Spine Breakening” or “The Groin Kickening,” because bizarre gerunds are the key to successful subtitling. Pitch your own subtitles in the comments.

[Yahoo via First Showing]

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