Trailer: The Road


This trailer for the Filipino film The Road is what you’d expect from a modern horror film trailer: harrowing music, flashes of scary images, and shadows… lots and lots of shadows. Touted as “the first Filipino film to receive a mainstream U.S. release,” The Road looks to be a decent horror film, based solely on how vague, yet intriguing the trailer is. I’m hoping it’s more of a psychological thriller than it is a gory, violent film. I’d definitely be down for that.

What’s more, I think the entire film will be in tagalog, which is gonna be great for any Filipinos out there. I don’t know what it is about tagalog, but it’s always nice to hear it during a movie… unless it’s Act of Valor. Bleh. 

The Road will be in select theaters on May 11th. You can click here to find out where it’s playing. There are a few stills in the gallery, as well as the official synopsis below.

The Road tells the story of a twelve-year-old cold case that is reopened when three teenagers vanish while traversing an infamous and abandoned road. As investigators try to find leads to the whereabouts of the missing teens, they also unearth the road’s gruesome past that spans two decades – a history of abduction, crimes and murders.