Trailer: The Three Stooges


The Farrelly brothers have been in somewhat of a comedic slump these past few years. Their most recent effort, Hall Pass, wasn’t horrible, but it failed to live up to that classic Farrelly brothers charm and humor. The Three Stooges has been a long-gestating development for the two brothers, however, so this might just be the one that gets them back on people’s minds. It’s also wonderfully reminiscent of Dumb & Dumber, a Farrelly brothers classic.

Personally, I think the trailer is pretty funny and in keeping with the Stooges‘ legacy of humor and I think it’s an apropriate fit for the Farrelly’s. What is perhaps most promising about the concept of this movie–and something I’ve wondered about for a while–is that the stooges have been re-appropriated to our time, so we’ll get plenty of social commentary about current trends from the stooges’ point of view (i.e.: Curly looking at the “eye” phone).

For some reason, I love the bit at the end when Moe pokes the woman in the eyes. It’s as if to say that not even pretty women are immune to the stooges’ hijinks. The Three Stooges comes out April 13th, 2012… Wait, what? Why are all these movies coming out on Friday the 13th?

[Via AppleTrailers]