Trailer: The To Do List


Ahhh, the teenage sex comedy; so easy to get wrong and yet so good when it’s right. Kind of like sex. Which I’ve had. With women. I mean my wife and only my wife. She reads this so lets make that perfectly clear.

I should probably talk about the movie, The To Do List. Aubrey Plaza needs a good starring role and if this is what does it then that’s fine by me. The Red Band trailer gives us a much better idea of the film than the first one did and I have to say it could be pretty funny, or it could suck. I can never tell with raunchy, teen comedies from the trailer. Sure Bill Hader is hilarious there, but is that the only funny part? Too many questions abound! We’ll just have to wait for the film’s release on July 26. 

And before you tear my head off with your hyphenation complaints, all official documentation on the film lacks a hyphen in the title.

Matthew Razak
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