Trailer: The To Do List


Over a year ago, there was a little movie being developed called The Hand Job staring Aubrey Plaza that I was extremely psyched for. Was I excited because of the association between Aubrey Plaza and the word “hand job”? Absolutely, but excited nonetheless. Then came the travesty of this amazing title being changed to the uninspiring title The To Do List, and I damn near lost it.

Since then, I developed a terrible drug habit, kicked it and fought long and hard to put the pain behind me. Then, the trailer for The Hand Job The To Do List was released, and I’m afraid it may have caused a relapse. Not only is the movie still not called The Hand Job, but the trailer is rather bland and generic. On the plus side, there’s a snippet of Donald Glover performing cunnilingus on Aubrey Plaza that gives me the gift of having Aubrey Plaza’s O-Face burned into my retina.

The To Do List will be released on Valentine’s Day 2013, which means there’s still time for the title to revert back to it’s original glory.

[via YouTube]