Trailer: The Troll Hunter


When I think of trolls, my mind tends to wander towards the little naked things with the pointy hair or long-haired jerks who don’t respect others’ opinions. This may be a problem, considering how gruesome they are depicted in Norse and Scandinavian mythology. Leave it up to a group of Norwegian film makers to eradicate this notion with the upcoming film, The Troll Hunter.

Shot in the ever-popular mockumentary style, The Troll Hunter follows a group of Norwegian college students on a journey to document a bear hunter. However, on their way to meet him, they make the grave discovery of the existence of trolls. What follows is a hopefully suspenseful indie film full of low-budget special effects that make you wish high-budget special effects were more creative.

I haven’t seen it, but based on the trailer, I’m psyched for it. I’m all about mockumentary-shot indie films, so I have faith it this film. I just pray I won’t be biting my tongue when it’s eventually reviewed. The film is On Demand on May 6th and in theaters June 10th.