Trailer: The Viral Factor


Dante Lam seems to be a master of Hong Kong action films. He’s done films such as The Beast Stalker and Stool Pigeon and proved that he’s very capable of handling the precision of the action genre. The Viral Factor is his latest effort and proves to be just as action-packed, if not more so, as his last two films. The action thriller stars Nicholas Tse (Stool Pigeon) and Jay Chou (The Green Hornet) as brothers on opposite ends of a plot to introduce a genetically altered virus into the world.

The film looks pretty badass, actually. The plot seems something like Infernal Affairs meets Outbreak. I’m pretty amazed at the dubbing. They almost fooled me into thinking it was filmed in English. Though, that’s an easy mistake to make considering you never actually see anyone speak in the trailer. The Viral Factor releases worldwide this month.

[Via TwitchFilm]