Trailer: Thelomeris

Thelomeris - First Teaser 2011

Normally, I’m a huge steampunk buff. That might even be an understatement as it is something that has been infused in my artwork, writing and personal style since my teen years. I’ve always been inspired by mechanical things because I could see how they worked; I could figure them out, almost like a riddle…

This new trailer for Thelomeris (really bad name) is almost like a Rube Goldberg machine all its own. Watch it only once and you’ll feel confused and cheated. But like any true steampunk story, it is dark, ominous and above all, mysterious. You even have to try and figure out what kind of world these people are living in. This trailer is more like a teaser than anything. I have my theories, but I admittedly haven’t gotten far. Good luck!

Oh, and Mark Hamill was a creative consultant on this, apparently. Thelomeris will release at some point in 2011, but that’s in Hungarian time, so that could mean 2015 in the States for all we know.

[Via YouTube]