Trailer: This Means War


After watching this trailer for This Means War (which you can see in HD over at Apple Trailers), I had two questions. The first was how in blessed f**kery does McG keep getting paying work? The man has driven a tractor-sized box of ruin through the Terminator and Charlie’s Angels franchises, and people continue to give him money? The second question was how in the LIVING F**K do Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, two men that deserve to be the world’s next big stars, wind up associated with this mess of a film? Are they being paid in gold-plated yachts? In alien supermodel sex? Did McG threaten to rape them? It’s that last one. McG threatened to rape Chris Pine and Tom Hardy with his Devil Wang unless they starred in his movie

Anyway, the plot is that the two main dudes are the best C.I.A. agents EVERRRR, and they both wind up dating the same woman. Because Reese Witherspoon is being a jerk, I guess. Events ensue. I think I’ve had bouts of constipation more entertaining than this trailer. At least my constipation is a master of suspense.

[Via Apple]