Trailer: To Rome With Love


Midnight in Paris was my favorite film from last year. It blended just enough comedy, insight and philosophy into a film that it just hit me perfectly. It was also Woody Allen’s best film in decades, and definitely the best film of his later career. Now he’s back once more with To Rome With Love, which seems to be more in line with his quirky comedies than his thoughtful films.

In my opinion that’s bad news. Allen’s films are best when they’re comedic, philosophical and dramatic. This one looks like it’s just going for comedic. But this is the story of Allen’s entire career. He’ll put out a work of art that will always be a classic then churn out a plethora of lesser films in between. As far as his lesser films go this looks like it could actually be pretty charming. I mean if anyone is going to take the stuttering neurotic awkward guy role away from Allen it’s going to be Jessie Eisenberg. In fact, even though I’m 100 percent positive that this won’t be anywhere near as good as Midnight in Paris I’m definitely looking forward to this.

We’ve also got images and the poster in the gallery.

Matthew Razak
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