Trailer: Total Recall


The first trailer for Total Recall dropped not too long ago, and while it looked pretty awesome, there was one lingering question left unanswered. One question that fans of the original have no doubt had in their mind ever since the idea of a Total Recall remake was proposed. This new trailer, however, may help answer this very important life question:

Will there be a woman with three boobies?

In the new trailer, despite a lot of other awesome looking sh*t happening, the more important thing is that a hot asian woman unzips her jacket and states that Colin Farrell is going to wish he had three hands. They were also smart enough to leave it out of the trailer so you can later fork over full ticket price for a chance to stare at the cerberus of titties.

This may be strong words, but I’m going to call it: Total Recall is going to be better than The Dark Knight Rises. Why? Because TDKR does not have three titties in it. THERE, I SAID IT.

[via Yahoo! Movies]