Trailer: Trespass


The first trailer for Joel Schumacher’s home invasion film Trespass premiered today, and much like anything that has Nicholas Cage in it, it all seems quite underwhelming. Trespass tells the story of a wealthy family who fight back after getting home invasion’ed by a group of masked thugs. What are they after? What’s in the safe? Did Nicole Kidman have an affair with one of the masked thugs? WILL NICHOLAS CAGE PUNCH A WOMAN IN A BEAR COSTUME!?

All this trailer makes me want to do is watch good home invasion movies, like Panic Room or Hostage or even Home Alone. That’s what this movie needs, more traps made of jumping jacks and staple guns. Also, Daniel Stern. 

Trespass will see a limited release in theaters and VOD on October 14th.

[Via /Film]