Trailer: Trouble With The Curve


So here we have the first official trailer for Trouble With The Curve, the story of an old baseball scout reconnecting with his neglected daughter while on a trip to check out a hot prospect. First impressions? It’s definitely not breaking any molds. Clint Eastwood is a grumpy old dude, Amy Adams is the intelligent and self-reliant daughter, and Justin Timberlake is a wise-ass. So, not really unfamiliar territory for any of the performers. But to be fair, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and I’m sure even if the film itself is predictable or trite the performances will at least be solid. Amy Adams is only becoming more of a commodity in Hollywood and even Justin Timberlake has some solid performances under his belt. And of course there’s Mr. Eastwood, a walking husk of man to be sure, but still a living film legend. How can we not watch it, if only to see him put another notch in his immeasurably long belt?

And who the hell decided to cut the trailer so it would end on an unfunny Dr. Phil joke? Geez.