Trailer: Tucker and Dale vs Evil


If you haven’t heard of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you clearly don’t pay attention at all to the comedy/horror/redneck genrel. The project has been floating around for a few years now and actually premeired (to decent reviews) at Sundance in 2010. However, it’s just now getting a theatrical and VOD release and that means we get a full red band trailer for it.

When I say this trailer is deservedly red band I really mean it. I’m pretty sure half the kills in the film are in the trailer, which would normally put me off, but the entire thing seems so hilarious that I’m still immensely interested. The premise seems entirely ludicrous — a group of preppy teenagers think they’re being slaughtered by two rednecks who are actually just trying to be friendly — but with Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine portraying the two titular characters I think things will turn out pretty solid. Even if we’ve seen all the best kills there’s got to be more laughs in there.

Matthew Razak
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