Trailer: Upside Down

Upside Down US Release Trailer (2013) Kirsten Dunst Movie HD

Originality ain’t dead at least. Upside Down has been kicking around for a while now, but judging from this new trailer it’s looking really interesting. Or maybe it doesn’t look interesting at all and we’re just so starved for movies that aren’t sequels or remakes that when a truly interesting idea, like two worlds existing on top of each other, shows up we’re just so amazed that we decide it is awesome.

The movie has already released elsewhere in the world and the scattering of reviews are mixed. For some reason the only listed release for the film in the U.S. is a limited one on March 15. Even if it does end up not being anything too great, I’m a sucker for movies with crazy concepts like this.

Matthew Razak
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