Trailer: Upside Down


I’ve always got a soft spot for this sort of high-concept science fiction. Even if the story isn’t that great, I’ll wind up being kind smitten with it, as you can probably see by my reviews of Another Earth and In Time. The same is looking true of Upside Down. The story, a couple of star-crossed lovers trying to be together, despite being from two opposing sides, is about as old as they get, except the lovers, in the form of Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst, are on opposite planets, one hovering above the other with an opposite gravitational pull. If nothing else, there’s the potential for some seriously cool visuals here.

There’s a feeling in my gut that this won’t be all that good, but I still can’t wait to catch it. Upside Down has no set release date, though it will hit theaters in the US and France sometime this year.

[Canal+, via Coming Soon]