Trailer: Us and the Game Industry


Us and the Game Industry is another feature documentary about the lives and times of independent video game developers. While this year’s Indie Game: The Movie focused more on the practical challenges facing the young, independent developer, Us and the Game Industry appears to be taking another route, focusing more on the theoretical and philosophical issues raised by video games as a medium and as developers/artists within that medium.

Suffice to say, I’m really f#@king excited for this! There’s one catch though. The movie is trying to gain funding through Kickstarter, and as of now – with 19 days left – they have just less than 10% of their intended goal! The video game community has proven over and over again that when it gets geared up about a project, they will donate ALL THE MONEY. This movie looks like a really worthwhile rumination on the theories surrounding indie games, so tell your friends!

[via Us and the Game Industry]