Trailer: Vampire Dog


In the straight to DVD flick releasing next Tuesday, (why Norm why?) Norm MacDonald plays a talking dog who drinks the color red from like jelly and stuff. Then a “Cruella De Vil” type villainess tries to catch him for her perfume or something. I honestly don’t know how less excited I could be for this. To see Norm MacDonald fall so far down the money tree is really, really hard to watch.

He turns himself into a mix of that one dog from Dr. Dolittle (which he voiced for money) and Bunnicula. Sighhhh. I really wish there was an onomatopoeia word for apathy. I think our own Liz Rugg explains this better in her haiku for Vampire Dog

What the hell is this?

This looks horrible. 

What the sh*t Norm? Ugh.