Trailer: Vehicle 19


Paul Walker has once again proven that he can’t act in a movie that doesn’t involve sitting in cars in some way. Vehicle 19 stars Paul Walker as he travels to South Africa and rents a car, but gets…the wrong one. The new car apparently has ties to the local corrupt police…so yeah. What’s interesting about Vehicle 19 is the fact that each scene is filmed within the car. Sort of like a TV sitcom’s “bottle episode,” the entire movie will take place in a single area. 

I’ll admit that the technique piques my interest, but that means that the quality of the movie will solely rest on how capable of an actor Walker is. With a confined setting, it’s up to the characters to make the “movement” of the film. And well, I’ve seen 2 Fast 2 Furious, so I don’t exactly have any faith in Walker at this point. 

[via YouTube]