Trailer: Violet & Daisy


Violet & Daisy seems like a movie that was always meant for me. It stars Saorise Ronan (Byzantium) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) as the titular Violet and Daisy, two teenage hitwomen who take on a big job given to them by Danny Trejo (killing James Gandolfini) in order to buy dresses modeled after their favorite band, Barbie Sunday. 

The synopsis might paint this film as a sort of “poppy” take on modern girls (and that seems like the direction given the title card in the trailer), but the trailer seems to show off only a bit of this, instead choosing to focus on the assassin intrigue of the film. I’ll wait to see another trailer hoping the next one fixes the awkward tone. Regardless, I’ll still be there to see it June 7th. 

[via Yahoo]