Trailer: When Harry Left Hogwarts


Guys, Harry Potter is over. No, seriously. The books are done, the movies are finished, and there’s nothing else to see. I mean, there’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, but that was started before the franchise was finished. And Tales of Beedle the Bard was released after the final book, but, you know, the movies were still going. And I named my dog Sirius, but they hadn’t made the final movies yet. Oh, and that Pottermore thing was in development for years, when the books were still being written. For real, guys. There’s no more Harry Potter.

I mean, there’s this documentary, but it was shot while the final movies were still being filmed. They were just tossing together some leftover footage in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with narration, interviews, and careful editing. See? It’s really over! You can listen to the actors say it’s over! They are all completely done with the franchise and will never do anything Potter-related again. You can’t even get this documentary easily yet. You have to get the special Blu-ray specifically at Target to watch this. I bet there’s no interest at all. They’re definitely not going to release it separately because of high demand.

I don’t want to see this, and I don’t have a recipe for Butterbeer or its cupcake equivalent. Because Harry Potter is over. Seriously.

[Via /Film]