Trailer: White House Down


Just after we had a discussion on trailers getting too long here we have a whopping four minute long trailer for White House down. It basically takes you through the entire first chunk of the movie, including awkward father child conversations and what is probably the entire job interview scene. In case you aren’t sure, this trailer is too long.

Still, this movie looks good in that horrible way that all Roland Emmerich films look. Big, dumb and yet just enjoyable enough to make you not regret watching it. Plus, with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx putting in the “buddy cop” duties you know there’s going to be some great dialog. Either way, this should be better than the entirely underwhelming Olympus Has Fallen. So get some popcorn sit back and enjoy what is sure to be most of the film by watching this trailer.

HD version here.

Matthew Razak
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