Trailer: Why Stop Now


I always pictured Jesse Eisenberg as an actor we’d see crop up in very select roles that were mostly dramatic, but ever since The Social Network he’s basically been on a stretch of indie comedies that aren’t all that great. Maybe Why Stop Not will turn that around, but it is another indie comedy and word out of Sundance is mixed on the film.

We missed it this year when it screened at the festival, but the film is about a young piano player whose mother is a drug addict. When he goes to get her some drugs so she can get into rehab the movie turns into a drug run film as Tracey Morgan hijacks Eisenberg to get his drugs. Obviously comedy is the selling point here, but with Eisenberg and Melissa Leo both in the film you have to think that drama may trump in the end. As for Tracey Morgan, he’ll probably be Tracey Morgan. Can’t ask much more than that.

The movie gets a limited release August 17, but you can actually watch it now at Sundance Now.

Matthew Razak
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