Trailer: Wonder Women!


I’m a little torn on this trailer for Wonder Women!: The Untold Story of American Superheroines. As a comic book fan, one so deeply entrenched in superhero comics that I find it difficult to even remove a single book from my pull list, I’m super excited to have a better look at female superhero culture, since it’s definitely a side of comics that gets ignored and overlooked. However, I’m a little concerned on how heavily they’re leaning on Wonder Woman as this massive icon of early feminism. While I agree that her as the first female superhero, the first popular one certainly, cannot be overlooked, a good portion of early Wonder Woman is devoted to the Amazonian princess getting tied up in various ways, as all her powers went away if she was bound. I can’t exactly say I agree with the notion that there’s a feminist bent to a character created and written by a man intentionally putting her into bondage.

I’m still really interested in a look at feminism through the comic book medium, though. I’m just scratching my head over this particular trailer.