Trailer: World War Z

World War Z TRAILER 2 (2013) - Brad Pitt Movie HD

Man… I don’t know, guys. While it’s better than the first World War Z trailer, somehow they’ve turned Max Brooks’s collection of accounts/dispatches in the book World War Z into a personality-less summer blockbuster starring Brad Pitt and lots of sprinting CG zombies. Why even call it World War Z anymore?

It’s like this movie is a book report project, and the filmmakers skimmed World War Z while watching TV one day. And they still needed seven more weeks to fix it. If anything, we may have a BADaptation on World War Z some time this year, or perhaps this is just the 2007 I Am Legend-ing of World War Z.

There’s a new poster for the film as well, which we’ve got in the gallery. It’s well-designed, and it’s also a little silly. World War Z comes out June 21st. Suggest your own alternate titles for World War Z in the comments. My suggestion: The Running Zombie Ladders!

[Via The Playlist and Collider]

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