Trailer: World War Z


World War Z (or World Warz, to be X-treme) is an adaptation of Max Brooks’s World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, but I don’t remember the book being this dull. Maybe it’s because zombies are so played out (and done better recently) now, if I could even call them that. All we’re shown is Brad Pitt’s character half-heartedly reacting to some weird CG wave of “zombies.” The trailer shows one up close for two seconds and it ended up looking like some homeless guy begging for change. WWZ even had to go through seven weeks of reshoots recently to work in a new ending. Sigh. I really hope the end product is better than this.

Oh yeah! As an added bonus, I added in the uninteresting logo/teaser poster thing released a few days back. So…enjoy?

[via Apple