Trailer: Wrath of the Titans


The totally craptacular Clash of the Titans somehow made a boatload of money when it came out despite not being any fun at all (not even cheesy fun) and so we now have a sequel, Wrath of The Titans. Despite my hate for the first film in the previous sentence I’m actually pretty excited by this one. A lot of what was wrong with the first film had to do with an obviously tighter budget and a rushed production time. That’s clearly not so much an issue anymore. 

If they can actually take the good cheesy parts of the original and the first film, infuse some action that isn’t a chore to watch, and keep the film from feeling like a low-rent parody I think we could have some decent fun on our hands. Judging from the trailer they’ve definitely upped the action ante, and when you’ve got Liam Neeson as Zeus, you’re going to have some camp, so I can see this panning out way better than the first one.

Oh, and no tacked on 3D that doesn’t work. This one was actually filmed for it. That’s always a plus.

Matthew Razak
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