Trailer: Wrong


Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber was the greatest movie involving a tire ever. It was smart, confusing as all get out, and entertaining throughout. So I’m expecting a lot of good things from his follow up, Wrong. Wrong follows Dolph who wakes up one morning and realizes that his dog, and best friend, has gone missing. And in search of his dog, some crazy stuff happens. 

The trailer itself is off the wall, and if the film is anything close to it, Wrong is going to be great. It’s odd since it’s not complete off the wall insanity, since there seems to be a plot there, but none of the trailer made sense (the poster for example is completely wacky while somehow making sense is an example of this). It’s perfect. Also it totes helps that the trailer had an awesome rhythm to it. wrong is out on VOD February 1st, and everywhere else March 29th. We should keep an eye on it. 

[via Apple]