Trailer: Young Adult


I really like the posters for Young Adult. From those alone, the movie looks like some sort of modern Goosebumps teen horror. Unfortunately, it’s not Goosebumps. The movie is about former member of the high school in-crowd, Mavis (Charlize Theron), who returns to her hometown to win over her high school boyfriend (Patrick Wilson), who happens to be married and have kids. She tries to charm her way back into his pants, but this does not work so well since she is drugged-out, obnoxious, and gross.

I am not a big fan of either Jason Reitman or Diablo Cody, and this sub-par trailer is doing nothing to raise my confidence. The only good things looks to be her obvious you-will-notice-the-nice-guy-once-the-hottie-turns-you-down romance with Patton Oswalt. That’s less because the romance will be anything novel and more because it’s a romance with Patton Oswalt. I like saying his name. I’m saying it out loud each time I type it. Patton Oswalt!

[Via Apple]