Trailer: Zookeeper


A man chasing a woman who disrespects him and his profession and then gets helps from talking animals? Color me interested! This movie looked horrible before it even got to the talking animals, and then it got worse. Look at those texture changes when they switch from real animals to CG! Personally, I don’t know why they try to do this in movies where animals talk. Remember Homeward Bound? That worked perfectly, and it ages well. Why try to force shoddy CG mouth movements when you can have something that looks so much nicer?

And who wouldn’t want to date a zookeeper? Think of all the interesting stories he’d have every day! Plus, you could go to the zoo for free! That sounds awesome! What doesn’t sound awesome is watching a man pretend to be an animal to attract women. Maybe he’ll pee on someone to mark his territory.

[via Collider, via Yahoo! Movies]