Transformers 4 to have a reality show in China


Hollywood so wants China to love it, but China isn’t sure if Hollywood is really cool yet.

Hot off the heels of announcing that Transformers 4 would be a co-production with China, Paramount Pictures has revealed that they’ll be running a reality TV show to cast four roles in the movie. The winners will be two professional actors and two amateurs and will join the rest of the Chinese/American cast. Most likely they’ll get smaller roles, but who knows it could make someone famous.

Much like America, China is all about reality TV shows at the moment so hosting one to hype the movie makes plenty of sense. In fact I’m surprised a big film hasn’t done it in the states yet. You could probably bank an entire movie on the money the likes of American Idol makes. Hmmmm, anyone got a few million laying around? I’ve got a TV show I want to start.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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