Transformers 4 will be Michael Bay’s last, again


Michael Bay has declared his intention to move on from the Transformers franchise after the next entry, which is something he just might have said before the release of Transformers 3. He was lured back last time when Paramount offered to back his ‘small’ $20m comedy, Pain And Gain, but is this time promising to stick to his word this time. Oh, Michael. You have no idea how much everyone wants to believe you.

The worst part is that I’m sure a decent Transformers movie is still possible. The first one was enjoyable and silly, but the sequels rapidly descended into overloud, obnoxious trainwrecks as increased budgets allowed Bay’s worst impulses to run riot. Transformers 4 will have a new cast and new robots, so would have been a perfect opportunity for the franchise to have been put back on track by a fresh voice. Bay claims he’s prepping the franchise to be handed over, but it sounds more like poisoning the water to me. What’s the point of refreshing the characters if they’ll be going through the same, tired motions as the old ones?

[via Hero Complex]