Transformers 6 is no longer on Paramount’s schedule


The real world may be heading towards Armageddon, but at least we may be spared of another fictional Armageddon from Michael Bay. Per CinemaBlend, a sixth Transformers film, originally scheduled to assault our eyes and ears (and potentially other senses) on June 28, 2019, is no longer on studio Paramount’s slate of upcoming films. So much for that Transformers Cinematic Universe.

But don’t count CGI Optimus Prime out yet, despite the plot absurdity of The Last Knight writing the franchise into a corner.

As CinemaBlend reminds us, a Bumblebee spin-off film(?) set in 1987(??) from the director of Kubo and the Two Strings (???) starring John Cena (????) is still arriving this year on Dec. 21. And with Transformers toys still selling, it isn’t long until the film franchise will be rebooted. Hasbro and Paramount are said to have ambitions for an even larger “Hasbro Cinematic Universe,” with properties such as G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Dungeons & Dragons and more.

Essentially, studio executives are literally mashing action figures against each other. We’ll see soon if this goes in the way of Marvel Studios’ successful megafranchise, or the aborted Dark Universe that started with Universal’s The Mummy. As Prime would tell us, to get through this cinematic apocalypse, all we need is a little Energon, and a lot of luck.

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