Transformers: Dark of the Moon is rich, goes back to IMAX


Transformers: Dark of the Moon pulled in $1.095 billion globally. That’s pretty crazy for a follow-up to a film no one liked! With money like that, Michael Bay can make as many explosions as he wants. He could even put the film back in theaters if he wanted to. And that’s what’s happening!

From August 26 to September 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon: An IMAX 3D Experience will be a thing you can experience in 3D at the IMAX. It’s opening again on 246 screens, which is not that bad considering how many IMAX screens there are out there. So now you have one more chance to sear this film into your retinas on a massive scale.

Giant explosions? Check. Giant-er giant robots? Check. Giant Shia LaBeouf? Eeehhhhh.

[Via SuperHeroHype]