Transformers just got Crank’d


For whatever reason, Jason Statham wants to take over the Transformers franchise. More over, he wants to take it in a darker direction. One can only imagine what that might entail, but something tells me it would be a breast of fresh air to see the franchise go in any other direction than the if-it’s-on-screen-it-will-explode direction it’s been going.

Far be it from me to start rumor-milling about Statham’s take on the series, but I’m guessing there will be more of a focus on physical action, both from humans and transforming car aliens alike. If it could be anything like Crank, I would take that as a good thing, because that movie is completely insane and jacked up in every way. It’s like having a Monster energy drink shot through your brain at a thousand miles an hour. If Statham could somehow bring the directors from Crank onto the project (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) I could see magic happening. Neveldine and Taylor both directed Crank, Crank 2 and Gamer, which as we all know was a hilarious portrait of where this pathetic society is headed. Good or not good? I think good.

But that’s just one lone editor’s quaint idea for a major, kick-ass, metal-grinding, extreme-overload, rockin-cock-outs, balls-deep, adrenaline-fueled, big-top summer movie blockbuster.

[Via TotalFilm]