Transporter series getting rebooted with a new trilogy


With all of the reboots and sequels going around these days, it was only a matter of time that we rebooted a series whose last installment hit less than six years ago. But since that’s at least twenty years in Internet time, we’re getting more Transporter movies. Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp has struck a deal with the Chinese studio Fundamental Films, and has greenlit Transporter 4 with an intention to produce two more films in the series if the fourth film performs well in the international box office. 

Although the Transporter films helped make Jason Statham a household name (beyond his work in the Crank franchise anyway), he won’t be returning as the newer trilogy is exploring Frank Martin’s origin (thus rebooting the whole thing) for some reason. Also of note, the TV series is coming back to TV on TNT later this year after a three year hiatus. Weird. I don’t know how good Transporter will be without Jason Statham. At least I’ll get my Statham behind the wheel fix when Fast & Furious 7 eventually releases. 

[via THR]