Travolta and Cage: together again


If there are two actors in this world who should team up right now I think it is John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, who already played with each other in Face/Off. Both have gone off the deep end in the past decade and the combined level of oddball craziness would make for some great buddy/enemy action of any sort. Thanks to the fact that all my dreams really do come true it seems the duo may actually be teaming up once more.

Vulture is reporting the the pair of balding actors may team up for two indie thrillers. The first will be called Shrapnel and is based on a script that was on the 2008 Hollywood Black List for one of the best unproduced screenplays. It’s about a Bosnian solider who tries to take revenge on the American who badly wounded him by taking him on a hunting trip that is actually a deadly war game. Sounds good, but not quite crazy enough for the two actors.

The second film is called Sea Trial and is based on a book of the same name. Not too many plot points revealed here as I haven’t read the book, but it looks like it could be far more interesting with these two fine actors hamming it up all over the place.

Sadly, neither film really sounds like the stupid action movie I want it to be. One where the two of them simply walk around being crazy and blowing stuff up. One day that dream will come true as well.

[via Vulture]


Matthew Razak
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