Trent Reznor is a vampire


Oscar winning composer (It feels so good to say that) Trent Reznor sure has a full schedule. Between his duties as composer on David Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo remake, a How To Destroy Angels LP coming later in the year, and possibly new Nine Inch Nails material, it seems like Mr. Reznor is everywhere these days. Now, it’s been announced that not only will Trent be scoring Timur Bekmambetov‘s adaptation of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but he will have a small acting role in it.

In the movie, Abraham Lincoln’s mother is murdered by a vampire, which sets Lincoln on his vampire killing crusade, which lasted through his presidency. It’s been reported that Reznor will play the vampire that killed Lincoln’s mother.

I was set on seeing this day one because of the title alone. But with Trent scoring and acting in it, I’ll be there even harder. How about you readers? Does Trent’s involvement get you excited, or have you already written this off as lame?

[Via /Film]