Tribeca 2011 Horror Spotlight


Attention all Flixist horror hounds!

If you’re attending the Tribeca Film Festival, make sure you check out The Bleeding House and Grave Encounters! I was lucky enough to get an advance screening for these movies and boy howdy, were they refreshing.

The Bleeding House tells the story of the Smiths, a family desperately trying to move on from their dark past. One night they’re visited by a well-dressed stranger in need of a place to stay, a request that sets the stage for a night the Smiths will never forget. It’s a brilliantly executed thriller with phenomenal performances and a moody, atmospheric soundtrack that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

Grave Encounters is a found-footage film about a ghost-hunting show, aptly named Grave Encounters, who find a lot more than they bargain for in the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital. The film expertly builds tension and gradually ramps up the creepy factor before cranking it to 11 with non-stop terror for the last third of the film.

Both of the films have four showings apiece and tickets are still available (click the above links to be taken to the respective Tribeca pages for each movie)! Even if you’re remotely interested in horror, these films are definitely worth checking out. Hit the jump to see trailers for both films.

The Bleeding House

Grave Encounters