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The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, but before its official start, five more short film are now available for you to stream. It’s part of the Tribeca Online Film Festival, which allows people to stream select short films and features films for free. Yesterday we highlighted the five short documentaries from the Focus Forward series. We’ll keep you posted as more films become available online.

Today’s slate includes shorts from Neil LaBute and Edward Burns. They are BFF, CatCam, Doggy Bags, Scenes from a Visit to Japan, and Transmission. You can check out all of the available shorts here.

Read synopses for the five films after the cut. Check back tomorrow night when the first feature films become avaialble.


SYNOPSIS: Jack has been “best friends forever” with Jill since she moved to Brooklyn. One day Jill arrives unexpectedly at Jack’s apartment to discuss her growing anxiety over her boyfriend’s increasingly erratic behavior. Jack, against his own best judgment, offers to shadow Jill’s boyfriend to uncover the truth. The truth, however, does not always set you free.

Watch BFF


SYNOPSIS: Mr. Lee, an adopted stray cat, routinely disappears from his South Carolina home. Intrigued by Mr. Lee’s whereabouts, his owner Juergen creates a camera designed to fit around the pet’s neck. After many unsuccessful attempts, Mr. Lee returns with the camera in tact and photographic evidence of his travels.

Watch CatCam

Doggy Bags

SYNOPSIS: A young man suspects the girl he is dating to be hiding a secret after she routinely orders massive amounts of food to go. When he decides to follow her after a particularly hearty brunch, the young man gets more than he bargained for when he catches his date with a strange man devouring their leftovers.

Watch Doggy Bags

Scenes from a Visit to Japan

SYNOPSIS: A short travelogue, shot in super-8, divided in three sections. Eschewing narration this short travelogue (shot in Super-8) is more of a poetic (rather than prosaic) documentary, conveying impressions and invoking a short moment of elegy to the recent suffering in Japan through the aesthetic concept of yugen (evocation by what is left unsaid).

Watch Scenes from a Visit to Japan


SYNOPSIS: Following a deadly pandemic that has decimated the world’s population, a father drives his nine-year-old daughter Tilly from the Perth coast to the safe zone in the middle of the western Australian desert. Along the way their relationship is tested by the elements in an unforgiving world, and Tilly must say goodbye to her childhood if the pair are to survive.

Watch Transmission

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