Trick ‘r Treat gets a sequel, Trick ‘r Treat 2


If you haven’t seen 2007’s Trick r’ Treat, you should remedy that immediately. It’s one of the best slasher films, nay horror films in recent memory. It’s an anthology of stories akin to classics like Creepshow (with comic book transitions no less) all tied together by a mascot of sorts, Sam (a childlike monster that strikes with a lollipop and wears a sack over his face). 

Because the film originally released in December, it unfortunately didn’t catch in theaters but gained a strong cult following. Thankfully, during a special fan screening of the film, director Michael Dougherty announced the sequel. If the sequel is anywhere near as fun as the first film, then I’m game for sure. It’s at least a worthwhile sequel in a sea of forgetables. Keep an eye on Flixist in the future for more details. 

[via Legendary]