Triplets Of Belleville prequel on the way


Pixar may be the ones grabbing all the glory when it comes to animated movies these days, but French director Sylvain Chomet has put together a pretty spectacular filmography of his own: The Illusionist is one of the most beautiful and moving movies I have seen, awarded by far the highest score of any of my Flixist reviews to date, while 2003’s The Triplets Of Belleville (or Belleville Rendezvous in the UK) was nominated for two Oscars. Good news, then, that a Belleville prequel is now underway, following the eponymous chanteuse triplets in an adventure excellently entitled Swing Poppa Swing.

The project isn’t far into production, with Chomet having designed several new characters and outlined a treatment for the story, with a full script only expected later this summer. Given how long Chomet takes to perfect his trademark blend of hand-drawn and computer animated graphics, it will probably be a few years until this actually reaches the screen. Anyone unfamiliar with his work should use the time to catch up, while for long-standing fans, the announcement alone is likely to be sweet music to their ears. I suppose Brave will have to do for now. Sigh.

[via IndieWire]