Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman movie is still a thing


Remember Les Grossman, the loud-mouthed movie mogul from Tropic Thunder that was played by Tom Cruise in a fat suit and bald cap? Rumors turned to reality last summer when Paramount confirmed a spin-off film about Grossman’s life story, but since then they’ve been mum on the subject. Turns out, it’s still totally happening. 

In an interview with MTV News, Bill Hader confirmed that friend and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World scribe Michael Bacall has completed the script. Hader — who played Grossman’s assistant Rob Slolom in Tropic Thunder — didn’t say much else about the movie, other than claiming Bacall has told him “some really funny scenes from it” and proclaiming that it’s “gonna be great.” 

No word on whether Hader (or any other member of the Tropic Thunder cast) will reprise their role for the Grossman flick, but I can’t imagine them filming this thing without throwing in a cameo or two. 

Personally, I loved Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, but I see a potential Get Him to the Greek scenario unfolding here. Much like Grossman, Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow was a scene-stealer in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but when placed at the forefront of the story, the character began to wear a bit thin. Still, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that Cruise and company will pull it off. A Kirk Lazarus cameo won’t hurt. 

[Via TotalFilm, Via MTV Movies Blog]