True Detective season 3 may have Mahershala Ali in the lead role


Casting news was recently confirmed for the still not ordered third season of True Detective by Variety magazine, and it’s pretty great if I do say so myself. Working off of a rumor first broken by The Tracking Board, Variety confirmed that recent Best Supporting Actor Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali was in talks to star in the highly anticipated third season of True Detective.  Ali who most famously co-starred in last years Best Picture winner Moonlight would be great in any role that I could coming out of this show, especially after his turn as Remy Danton on Netflix’s House of Cards whose scenes always left me wanting more out of the character. While it is nothing concrete yet, a young still rising Ali would be foolish to turn down a role that I’m sure many others would do terrible things for.

The third season which is still going to be written by series co-creator Nic Pizzolatto with the assistance of former Deadwood writer David Milch who was brought on after the second season failed to live up to the near-perfect first season. Despite most everyone I talk to disliking it I still enjoyed the second season, it was well acted, the setting while not as good as Louisiana was still great and I thought it kept with the overarching themes of the first season. Was it better than the Southern Gothic wet dream of the first season? No, but again it’s hard to compete with perfection, and the loss of Cary Fukunaga might have had something to do with the drop in quality so Milch coming on is definitely a good thing. Unfortunately no plot threads or a planned release window have been revealed yet, the only thing we know is that it is coming eventually and that we live in a world where nothing is solved.

[Via Variety]

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