Turner and Hooch TV Show Coming to Disney+, Cast Announced


Remember Turner & Hooch? The movie where Disney thought it would be great to take Old Yeller and mash it into a buddy cop film with Tom Hanks? I mean, it worked, but still, it was a strange film. Well, the studio has been working on a TV show adaptation of the film for Disney+ and it’s got more of its cast now.

The Turner & Hooch TV series will work a bit differently from the film in that it’s still a movie with a dog and cop but almost everything else has changed. For the show, Turner (Josh Peck) is a U.S. Marshal. Thankfully, Hooch will still be a wonderfully slobbery French Mastiff, played by five different dogs. It could turn out as a police procedural but the 12-episode order makes me think that we’ll get more of a really long movie as so much of streaming content now is. It’s also pretty likely that the dog won’t be dying at the end as Disney isn’t calling this a mini-series and probably plans for more seasons.

The new cast members joining are Matt Hamilton, Paul Campbell, and Cristina Rosato. It’s basically a bunch of people you know but don’t know in the show as, according to Deadline, they join “Carra Patterson as Jessica Baxter, Scott’s brave, street-smart partner; Brandon Jay McLaren as Xavier Wilson, a cool, enigmatic Marine-turned-marshal; Anthony Ruivivar as Chief James Mendez, Scott’s boss with a secret soft spot for Scott’s new dog, Hooch; Lyndsy Fonseca as Laura Turner, Scott’s sweet, animal-loving sister; Jeremy Maguire as Matthew Garland, Laura’s dog-loving son; and Vanessa Lengies as Erica Mouniere, the quirky head of the U.S. Marshals’ dog-training program.”

Hamilton will be hopping into the role of the show’s asshole cop and the description of the other two characters make me think that there isn’t much originality going on in here. Hopefully, the show can do a bit more than just be dog puns as the film deserves a good legacy.

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