Turning Red to be directed by Bao’s Domee Shi


Remember Bao? It was that heartwarming Pixar short about a Chinese woman who was raising a little dumpling as a son. It was a charming and lovely little short that went on to win an Oscar. Pixar shorts are usually a safe bet for winning awards, especially Oscars, but there was something beautiful about Bao that did put a tear in my eyes. It’s director, Domee Shi, has now officially graduated from working on Pixar short films and will now direct a new feature film at Pixar, titled Turning Red, as was announced during Disney’s investor’s call.

Turning Red, will be about a teenage girl named Mae going through her teenage years. Unfortunately, those problems aren’t quite so average as whenever she gets excited, she transforms into a giant cuddly and adorable Red Panda. I can’t quite recall teenagers ever getting excited about anything, but the teaser image looks convincing enough. The film will most likely have a focus on Asian culture in the same way that Bao did, which I am all for. That was one of the biggest selling points for that film that made it so endearing to myself and others.

Turning Red will release in theaters March 11, 2022.

Jesse Lab
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