Tweet to win Robbie from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D!


[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner! Keep an eye out for more contests!]

Hello fair citizens of Flixist! Today we bring you a pretty special contest, one in which you need Twitter to enter. Yes, I know, but if you don’t have a twitter account it’s pretty easy to make one, and then you could follow your favorite Flixist editors for more of our inane babble about movies, current events and also probably buttocks.

This Halloween, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (3D!) will come barreling into theaters, and we’re giving you a chance to enter to win three stuffed animal versions of Robbie – the disturbing carnival rabbit that I assume is very creepy and deadly. One lucky winner will receive one large Robbie the Rabbit and two small Robbies. You know, so you can use them as a Halloween costume or party favors or something. All you have to do to enter to win is log on to your twitter account and retweet this tweet right here that says: “RT for a chance to win a stuffed Robbie the Rabbit from @Flixist! #WelcomeToSilentHill”

You can check out some pictures of the Robbie stuffed animals below, and click here for a special video about Robbie the Rabbit in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D! As usual, contest only available to the continental United States and will be over on Tuesday, October 30th! Get those tweets out before it’s too late!