Twin Peaks starts production in September, David Lynch directing show as one big movie


After a little bit of uncertainty earlier in the year, the Twin Peaks revival is moving forward. Fred Topel over at /Film had a chance to ask Showtime President David Nevins some questions at the Television Critics Association recently and learned a few things about the new series.

First off, David Lynch will be directing all episodes of the new Twin Peaks, though the exact number of episodes has yet to be determined. Not too long ago, there was some news that there would be 18 episodes of Twin Peaks, doubling the original plans for a 9-episode miniseries.

The reason for the haziness on episodes? As The Guardian noted, David Lynch wrote a very long script with Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. He intends to shoot the entire script and then edit it down into episodes. That’s right: Twin Peaks season 3 is really just a very long Twin Peaks movie.

The show/really-long-movie will start production next month, shooting in Los Angeles and in Washington State. The new Twin Peaks season is expected to debut in 2017, but we might see the show in late 2016 depending on how production goes.

I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks, and I think that having Lynch at the helm the entire time will help the show avoid the rudderless, sputtering vibe that plagued much of the show’s second season. It’ll also be good to have Lynch behind the camera again. His last feature film was 2006’s Inland Empire, and he’s probably been itchy to direct something big again, though this undertaking could be pretty stressful. (Good thing Lynch does transcendental meditation.)

If they ever release Twin Peaks season 3 as a single film, I will watch the entire thing in the theater. No joke. I dare you, David. I dare you.

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