Two Denver Men reenact Weekend at Bernie’s


Weekend at Bernie’s was the lovable 1989 romp in which Andrew McCarthy and John Silverman discover their boss (the aforementioned Bernie) dead on the eve of a large weekend bash. Rather than contact the authorities like a normal concerned human being, they parade Bernie around as if he’s alive and keep the party going. Also, something about hit men and insurance scam, but those are minor details.

Two Denver men have taken the idea to heart as they essentially pulled a “Weekend at Bernie’s” and had a night out on the town at the expense of their dead friend. Robert Jeffrey Young (43) and Mark Robinson (25) discovered the body of Young’s roommate Jeffrey Jarret and instead of contacting the authorities, they carried around the corpse and ran up his tab at the local bars, strip clubs and mexican eateries. Thankfully, these two morons missed the potential comedy in carrying the corpse around between their shoulders and instead opted to leave Jarret’s corpse in the  backseat of their car. Young and Robinson are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation and there’s no word yet as to what originally caused Jarret’s death.

I know of no other way to end this morbid tale other than to provide a link to a bunch of people doing the Bernie (dance). You’re welcome.

[Via Denver Post]